Connect continues to be there for our private and corporate clients, while adapting to a new LINE OF SERVICES.  

virtual events
luxury intimate celebrations
Home organizing
Gifting services and special home DELIVERIES.

we have it all covered.

Corporate clients

We continue to be there for our Corporate Clients, their dear employees , BOD members, Suppliers, while the new meaning of work-life is emerging. This change transcends physical proximity and happens both where we live, work, and play. As we all start to venture out and adapt, it is essential that we make everyday life easier for our clients and, most importantly, to ensure their well-being.

Building communities and connections for your organization through memorable services, events and digital experiences. Delivering more engaged, connected and higher performing teams around the globe.

Connect is bringing the best out of employees  and organization, by creating  Bespoke virtual events designed to keep The working teams connected. From virtual yoga to trivia to happy hours, keep your office and remote employees and  engaged in shared experiences. 

private clients

At this challenging period we are committed more than ever to keep our clients and their families well – being and Lifestyle, as creative and up-lifting as can be. 

Digital escape rooms, Real and Virtual travel & adventures, Private tailor made Local Tours, Virtual – digital private concerts,  Meet and greets with celebrities, Home Organizing, Kids & parents cooking lessons. Children reading sessions.  DIY Projects & ideas, Intimate getaways, and Special occasions events, 

Our Top-rated Covid-19 Cheer-up boxes already became an integral part of  their Lifestyle. 

Our friendly, highly skilled and pro-active team, Managed by Tali Lapid, are hand-picked and are available 24/7 for all your requests.

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